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Astaria Global's patented Alpha2EQ system is the first and only filtered plasma therapy process that concentrates and isolates the master protease inhibitor, Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M). A2M binds to the proteases to stop tissue degradation. This is not just another blood product, all of the orthobiologic technology is in the molecule and its makes this offering the next generation of regenerative medicine.

While A2M is found readily in our blood, it is too large to enter the joint or disc space and is not able to flush out the high presence of proteases causing the degradation. With an Alpha2EQ Injection, patients can biologically "clean out" the joint and stop cartilage catabolism as well as prevent further degradation.  

Alpha2EQ Injection

     Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) Highly concentrated 

     Broad spectrum protease inhibitor that baits and traps all known factors causing cartilage catabolism and only system to centrifuge and filter plasma for isolated and concentrated A2M

     A2M has demonstrated upregulation of anabolic genes and down regulation of catabolic genes in joints

Benefits of the Alpla2EQ Injection

     Since it is totally autologous, it prevents any adverse side effects that are caused by drugs

     Offers the most potent and fastest acting anti-inflammatory on the market

     Since it offers 28-34 mLís in volume, it is extremely cost effective at $15.00/mL vs. any other blood product offering on the market

     Users have found the longevity of the injectionís effectiveness is a real benefit

Following is the link to the science behind Alpha2EQ and answers to some clinical questions from Dr. Kent Allen:


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