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Welcome to Equine Partners America LLC (EqPA)

Where our focus is regenerative medicine for Equine AND CANINE performance animals!

Equine Partners America (EqPA) has been representing providers of regenerative medicine products and procedures to veterinarians since 2010. 

A leading distributor of Regenerative Medicine products & services, including TherapyCell, Pall's V-PET™, and our latest offerings, Vetlinebio’s EC-ACS and HYVET we are dedicated to providing the most progressive stem cell, platelet and joint inflammation treatments to assist in recovery from injury and to promote optimum health in the horse and dog. These partnerships ensure that we can offer our clients comprehensive veterinary platforms not found anywhere else. To that end, we offer a broad array of cutting edge, scientifically proven products designed to maximize performance and capabilities.

Recently we also began a partnership with Accuplex Diagnostics to distribute their stall-side Serum Amyloid A (SAA) diagnostic tool which makes inflammation detection easy.

Below is a brief synopsis of our latest offerings. Click on eack item to be taken to a page with more information on each product.

EC-ACS EquiCheck


Equine Partners continually monitors and participates in ongoing research to stay abreast of breakthrough scientific findings that will assist us in our efforts.

If your animal sustains a tendon or ligament injury, be sure to ask your veterinary professional about Equine Partners America products. The natural cure.

Perhaps most importantly, we are also firmly committed to distributing our products in the most direct, cost-effective and transparent manner possible. It is our pledge to those who utilize our products for the betterment of their animals.

Clinical trial findings show platelet therapy can provide relief for dogs with osteoarthritis. READ THE ABSTRACT NOW.

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