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Rapid Test for Inflammation in Dogs and Cats

OmniChekTM-SAA is a rapid test to assess the immune health status of your dog that is easy to use and simple to interpret. With just a pin prick of blood you can detect and track acute inflammatory conditions in less than 10 minutes.

Serum Amyloid A in Animals

There is a growing body of research showing that biomarkers of inflammation provide a very useful additional tool in assessing health and wellness of companion animals and are particularly useful where there is an underlying inflammatory condition such as infection. Serum Amyloid A (SAA) is highly regarded as a major biomarker of inflammation in most species. Some of the species in which SAA has been shown to be a major biomarker of inflammation and infection include: equine, canine, feline, rabbit, goat, sheep, bovine, elephant, non-human primates, and seals and manatee.

Serum Amyloid A
In healthy animals, the normal levels of SAA are generally very low (range 0-10 µg/ml), but when the body is challenged, for example, because of infection, SAA increases within hours to levels ranging from 10-100-fold (and at times as high as a 1000-fold) above normal, depending on the species. In contrast, white blood cells, which is the only way vets have to assess inflammation, can increase 2-3-fold or even remain within normal range sometimes masking a real increase. White cells can also rapidly spike as a result of the stress of visiting a vet, so that increase may be either be genuine, or an artefact. The rise in SAA during an inflammatory response is much clearer. It if is high, it was high before the veterinary visit. Many clinical and subclinical conditions will result in a significant increase in SAA enabling confirmation of an underlying clinical condition.

OmniChek™-SAA is a useful diagnostic marker for assessing the general health and wellness of your companion animal. An elevated level is a clear indication of an underlying pathology. Typical applications include:

  • Confirming the presence of an active systemic inflammatory condition.
  • Detection of sub – clinical inflammation where there is a suspicion something is wrong.
  • Detection of infection.
  • Real time monitoring of recovery of disease activity.
  • An (early) indicator of more sinister disease conditions, such as cancer, or a prompt for more detailed diagnostic testing.
  • Interpretation of Results

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