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Cube Reader

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The Cube device digitizes the line intensities and accurately calculates the IgG concentration based on a standard curve specifically programmed for the Lot. The results of the Cube device have been compared to the Equine Densimeter at Ohio State. Data sample. For more info, see web.

Data sample...  |  Cube   |   Densimeter.
Irish ‘18   |   1194   |   1208 mg/dl
Leven ‘18   |   >1900    |   >2000 mg/dl
Pride ‘18    |   >1708    |     >2000 mg/d

The Immuno-Chek G lateral flow device specifically measures IgG concentration whereas a densimeter based on aggregation principle measures the total concentration of large protein molecules. Also, the same Cube device can be used to calculate progesterone concentrations on-site using the Quick P-4 Equine Kit..

For additional information about ImmunoChek G™ or its application, please contact Moira McCracken, Director of Veterinary Sales, at (800) 752-8538 or via email. [Click Here]

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