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Who is Equine Partners America LLC?

Equine Partners America is a Georgia limited liability company formed to represent companies providing regenerative medicine therapies to equine veterinarians. We distribute the latest regenerative medicine treatments in the area of stem cell protocols and equine platelet enhancement therapy. The stem cell protocols that we sell are processed by Regenerative Medicine Service, located in Leesburg, Virginia. We also represent RenovoCyte (processing skin derived therapies) and Pall Corporation (patient-side V-PET™ to produce platelet-rich plasma).

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Why use stem cells?

Multipotent Stromal Cells (MSC's) are unspecialized cells that have the potential to divide and turn into specialized cell types. Stem cells from one source (bone marrow, skin, fat, etc.) can give rise to cell types of many different tissues (such as tendon and ligament tissues) to serve as a repair system and as an anti-inflammatory.

MSC's promote the healing of tissue of the injury site. The body's natural healing process, if unaided by stem cells, will create scar tissue during the healing phase.

Equine Veterinarians are finding that the result is a more flexible, natural tissue generation in the injury site.

Where do stem cells (MSC's) come from?
Adult stem cells are taken by biopsy from various tissues about the body. Cells can then be expanded in the laboratory and used multiple times. Almost every tissue in the body contains MSC's. The cell source is shipped to Regenerative Medicine Services, where the cells are isolated, processed, expanded and tested for viability.

Are there enough stem cells to be used?

Multipotent stromal cells can be grown or "expanded" in special cultures to large numbers of functional cells. This process allows our lab to harvest, grow, test, and cryopreserve (freeze) cells which can be thawed and used when needed.

What is Autologous and Allogeneic?

Autologous means the donor and recipient animal are the same. Cells are taken from the animal, processed and expanded (replicated) to the appropriate dose then given back to that same animal. Allogeneic means the donor and recipient are genotypically related but are not the same. For example, individuals from the same species are genotypically similar, therefore equine will receive MSC's from other equine in an allogeneic cell transplant. Recipients do not have to be related to the donor animal and litter mates are not genotypically identical.

Are there enough mesenchymal stem cells to be used?

One reason these mesenchymal stem cells are unique is that they can be grown or "expanded" in special cultures to large numbers of functional cells. This process allows our lab to harvest, grow, test, and cryopreserve (freeze) cells which can be thawed and used when needed.

Does a new tissue sample have to be sent in for repeated stem cell injections to be performed on the same animal?
No. One tissue submission can provide multiple stem cell injections for the animal- potentially for the life of the animal. The veterinarian simply has to mark the "cryopreserve cells for storage" option and our laboratory will store the animal's cells as long as the clients wish.

Additional stem cell injections from storage are also cheaper for the client than the initial processing/submission procedure for the first injection! So, as long as Regenerative Medicine Service has cells in storage for the animal, a veterinarian can easily order additional injections at a lower cost.

I've heard that shock wave therapy has been used on the tendon after stem cell implantation, does this help?

We strongly advise against the use of shock wave therapy after stem cell implantation. It will severely damage the stem cells that have been implanted and will negate the positive effect they would otherwise have. Please do not use shock wave therapy after TherapyCell or RenovoCyte protocols!

I thought that stem cell therapy was controversial for ethical reasons so should I be worried about that?

Controversial stem cell therapies are those that involve embryonic stem cells. TherapyCell's stem cell therapy and RenovoCyte's Auto Cell EQ DO NOT use embryonic stem cells. Both procedures harvest only ADULT cells. These techniques involve taking bone marrow and other cells from the horse needing treatment, splitting out the stem cells and culturing them in the lab. This means the stem cells are autologous (belonging to the animal that they are going to be implanted into) and therefore there are no embryos involved in any stage of the process.

How are the cells given to the horse?

Depending on the stem cell protocol chosen, the stem cells are either given intravenously (IV) or injected into the lesion or surrounding area. For details on TherapyCell's implantation procedure, see the detailed instructions for implanting stem cells on the MS-EQ/SR page. For details on RenovoCyte's implantation procedure, see the instructions on the AutoCell EQ page.

What are the benefits of the V-PET™ System?

  • V-PET™ is a sterile filtration system for preparing platelet concentrate from whole blood.

  • V-PET is a product for use with multiple species ... horses, dogs, camels, cows, cats, and exotics.

  • It is a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical patient side system.

  • Can be done in the office, in the field, stall-side, or even in a client’s home.

  • No centrifuge, no additional equipment, just 30 minutes from blood draw to delivery.

  • Blood taken from the patient is ready for re-injection within 30 minutes.

  • Gentle gravity filtration is easy on platelets, creating a high quality platelet therapy rich in growth factors.

  • V-PET™ gives up to seven fold concentration of platelets with minimal activation but maximal anabolic growth factor availability.

  • It acts as a wound healing fluid.

  • It is useful for the treatment of ligament and other soft tissue injuries.

  • V-PET™ is also currently under testing for use in osteoarthritis and joint disease.

  • Autologous preparation reduces the risk of immune mediated reactions.

  • Supplied by Pall Corporation USA and distributed by Equine Partners America.
  • Can I freeze left over V-PET™ concentrate to use at a later date on the same patient?

    Yes. V-PET™ can be frozen if you have too much to put into the injury in one go. It can then be thawed and used in the same injury at a later date or in another injury in the same patient. It must be frozen within two hours of harvesting and then used within one month. It must be used as soon as it's thawed because otherwise the platelets will lyse (break open). The V-PET™ concentrate must NOT be used in another animal.

    Can the V-PET™ system be used more than once?

    No. The V-PET™ system is designed to be used only once and only to produce V-PET™ concentrate for one patient. It must not be used to treat more than one animal as the system is autologous.

    How can I purchase an V-PET™ kit?

    You can order one or more kits directly on our Order page on the website. We will receive immediate notice and will ship your order within 24 hours. If you have questions, please call us at 800-752-8538.

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