Advancing Stem Cell Therapy

We here at Equine Partners America are animal people: breeders, showmen, and competitors.

When we first learned of the amazing, almost magical results stem cell therapies were achieving in animals, we have watched the advancement of regenerative science become more and more effective, more and more predictable. Regenerative therapies have also become more accessible and more cost-effective.

As owners, veterinarians and trainers, we are people with a common interest - returning injured animals to full health. We still think it's amazing, using a horse or dog's own blood to fully heal crippling injuries, but we have become believers, having witnessed the miracle ourselves. And it is our pleasure to help you apply these easy-to-use therapies in your own cases.

We are committed to making it easy and affordable to purchase our products and services, and we work tirelessly to make sure each customer's order is treated with the speed and care. Our mission is to provide the efficient service and quick shipping you need to ensure the best results when treating tendon and ligament injuries. We invite you to learn more about our outstanding products.

Moira McCracken
Director, Veterinary Sales

More about Pebbles

Pebbles is not only the face of Equine Partners America, she is also a success story for their available therapies!

Pebbles is an Irish Draught Sporthorse Mare (a warmblooded breed) who has returned to performance after a term of rehabilitation for a ligament injury.

Today Pebbles is showing third level dressage and training at fourth, and is becoming an accomplished jumper in her own right!

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Moira McCracken - Director, Veterinary Sales
Anna Williams - Chief Financial Officer.
Our laboratory partner in the U.S. is part of the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center’s Regenerative Medicine Service.
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