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Therapeutic use of stem cells for tendon and ligament injuries.

Dr. Lauren Schnabel, an Associate Professor of Equine Orthopedic Surgery at North Carolina State University's Comparative Medicine Institute, discusses the therapeutic use of stem cells for tendon and ligament injuries. This presentation is part of the Grayson Vet Chats and is provided in partnership with the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation.


NARM Well Attended and "Dallas" Still Ticking!

Dr. Roger Smith and Moira McCracken made a trip to Countryside Veterinary Hospital in Louisville, TN, after the North American Regenerative Meeting in Atlanta, GA. NARM was well attended and had extremely informative and interesting lectures on regenerative medicine for equine and canine. The photo is of Dr. Phil Hammock, Countryside Veterinary Hospital; the owner of Dallas, a horse we treated with 50M stem cells several years ago who had kidney failure and is still doing very well; and, Dr. Roger Smith from the UK.


ACVS Surgical Summit (and ComicCon)

This year's ACVS Surgical Summit coincided with ComicCon in San Diego, which made for some interesting encounters. At times we were concerned that we might not be able to differentiate between ComicCon attendees and the new intake of veterinary surgeons!


Florida Association of Equine Practitioners

Photo (right) from The Florida Association of Equine Practitioners "Promoting Excellence" Symposium just held in Boca Raton, FL. This event was well attended by many vets across the USA and Canada, this is Dr. Alan Manning from Manning Veterinary Professional Corporation located in Ontario, Canada, one of our regular E-PET™ customers!


NEAEP in Stamford, Connecticut "Summary"

We have just returned from NEAEP in Stamford, Connecticut where we participated in a several days of education, and we conducted a wet lab on stem cells and PRP with Dr. Roger Smith, from the Royal Veterinary College in London and Dr. Jeff Schaffer from Pall Corporation. The session was very well attended by 12 vets and the feedback we received was all extremely positive.

We are now off to FAEP’s 9th Annual Promoting Excellence Symposium in the SE, followed closely by the ACVS in San Antonio... Hope to see you there! Annual Promoting Excellence Symposium in the SE followed closely

Photos from the NEAEP Meeting Stem Cell Wet Lab held on Wednesday, 25th of September 2013, entitled "Regenerative Medicine for Tendon and Liagments" by Dr. Roger Smith and Dr. Jeffery Schaffer.

Dr. Smith talking about ultra-sound injection of E-PET. You can see filter hanging under the stairs as we are waiting for PRP.

Left: Roger presenting one of his lectures during the wet lab. Right: Photo of Roger ultrasounding and placing needles into the various areas before he is going to inject this horse.

NEAEP Meeting Wet Lab -- showing E-PET bag with blood hanging in it!


The Hambeltonian "Summary"

The Hambletonian at New Jersey’s Meadowlands is an historic event in the equestrian world and it draws some of our country’s finest veterinarians for the classic racing event and for continuing education meetings.

Equine Partners America hosted our third annual wet lab entitled “Regenerative Therapies – Proven Clinical Results,” lead by Dr. Al Romero, DVM, Diplomate of the ACVS. Dr. Romero practices with Syracuse Equine Veterinary Specialists located in Manlius, NY. He demonstrated the treatment of common tendon and ligament injuries using the VetCell protocol for bone marrow-derived MSCs.

Dr. Jeffrey Schaffer, representing Pall Corporation, lead the attendees through a stall-side demonstration of the Veterinarian Platelet Enhancement Therapy kit. He aspirated blood from an equine patient, processed the sample in the E-PET Kit and injected the enhanced platelets into the horse’s injury within 20 minutes.

The comments from attendees were “This was a very helpful event for understanding the full process for drawing bone marrow and injecting the stem cells.” Another veterinarian was surprised at the ease of use and convenience of the stall-side harvest of platelets. “We can just place a kit in the truck and make calls and cut out a lot of travel time,” commented an ambulatory veterinarian.

Equine Partners America LLCs focus is regenerative medicine for the equine athlete. We offer Pall Corporation’s E-PET™ Kit and processing services for a wide range of stem cell therapies.

2013-02-20: Article by Lucy Graham, published in Southern Racehorse - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Stemming the Risk of Re-injury

Stemming the Risk of Re-Injury from much-loved ponies to million-dollar raceshorses, stem cell therapy is among the most advanced treatments for equine tendon and ligament injuries...

Shortly after National Hunt racehorse Nomecheki (Fr) was brought from France, it was discovered that he had damage to his SDFT. The horse's owner was keen to use stem cell therapy and his veterinarian, Dr. Tim Beauregard, advised that it would be the best course of treatment. 'Cheki' was soon back to work following VetCell's rehabilitation program to get to full fitness again. He made a winning return to the racetrack at Plumpton in England in November 2009 in heavy going and since then has had another win, two seconds, two thirds and a fourth from 14 runs. This picture above shows him at Cheltenham in November 2011, clearly loving his job having led the field for the majority of the race... (download article - PDF.)

2013-02-20: EqPA ad published in Southern Racehorse - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 EqPA Ad 2013

2013 EqPA Ad published in Southern Racehorse

A Leading distributor of TherapyCell, Pall (E-Pet), and RenovoCyte products& services, Equine Partners America is dedicated to providing the most progressive regenerative medicine products to assist horses' recovery from injury and to promote optimum health. To that end, we offer a broad array of cutting edge, scientifically proven products designed to maximize equine performance and capabilities.

Equine Partners continually monitors and participates in ongoing research to stay abreast of breakthrough scientific findings that will assist us in our efforts. We know: early treatment improves outcomes; there is no discernible outcome difference among types of work or performance; and outcomes appear to be dose-related (a 20M cell dose reduces
reinjury rate), 2,000 horses in treatment with VetCell protocol included in data spanning 10 years.

We are proud of the professional collaborations we have made to continue to develop the science of equine regenerative medicine. The VetCell stem cell protocol has treated more than 2,000 horses through their courses of therapy and rehabilitation, producing a reliable and peer-reviewed database of treatment outcomes. RenovoCyte has developed less invasive protocols to harvest mesenchymal stem cells from skin and other sources. Pall Corporation used its expertise in developing filtration products to manufacture a unique, stall-side equine platelet enhanced therapy (E-PET). These partnerships ensure that we can offer our clients comprehensive veterinary platforms for horses not found anywhere else.

Most importantly, we are firmly committed to distributing our products in the most direct, cost-effective and transparent manner possible. It is our pledge to those who utilize our products for the betterment of their horses.

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