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ImmunoChek G™

Quickly Identify Healthy and Immunodeficient Foals

Visual or Quantitative Foal IgG
Immunoglobulin G is an essential antibody that ensures protection against infectious disease. Foals are born with no immunoglobulins (IgG) and must receive adequate antibodies from the mare’s colostrum. The timing for this is critical. Transfer is limited because the foal eventually loses the ability to absorb the antibodies.

Up to 20% of newborn foals experience a partial or total failure of passive transfer of IgG. These animals are at high risk of serious illness or death. An IgG test can identify if a failure of passive transfer has occurred or not.

The IgG levels of all foals should be routinely measured when they are about 12 hours old. Immuno-Chek G can quickly identify healthy and immunodeficient foals that require supplementation.

For additional information about ImmunoChek G™ or its application, please contact Moira McCracken, Director of Veterinary Sales, at (800) 752-8538 or via email. [Click Here]

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